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The Equifax hack has stolen some UK customers' data

Equifax data hack: Find out if it affects you

Credit report reference agency Equifax has revealed that hackers have got hold of some customers’ information in a... Read More

The new plastic tenner

Is your new plastic tenner worth a fortune?

The new plastic tenner is now finally in banks, after its release on 14 September. And it won’t... Read More

Man missed PPI deadline

PPI deadline: Why you might not have until 2019 to claim

By now, you’ve probably seen the adverts for the PPI deadline on 29 August 2019. The Financial Conduct... Read More

Go from a bad credit rating to a better one

How to go from a bad credit rating to a better one

If you’ve had problems with your credit rating in the past, you’re probably wondering how long it takes... Read More

Unexpected bills

How to cope with an unexpected bill

Unexpectedly your car needs some repairs following its MOT, your boiler breaks down leaving you without hot water... Read More

How can I check my credit rating for free?

Check your credit rating for free

Checking your credit file to see what shape it’s in is always a good idea. It lets you... Read More

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