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The waiting time for Universal Credit will be shorter

Autumn Budget 2017: Universal Credit waiting time cut

If you’re applying for Universal Credit, the time you’ll have to wait for your first payment has changed.... Read More

Harrington Brooks responds to the announcements in the Budget 2017

Harrington Brooks’ response to the Budget 2017

Matthew Cheetham, CEO of Harrington Brooks, responded to today’s (22 November 2017) Budget 2017 announcements: “We welcome the... Read More

Autumn Budget 2017 changes

Autumn Budget 2017: What it means for you

Today was the Autumn Budget 2017 (22 November 2017), the biggest day in the year for your finances.... Read More

The Bank of England interest rate rise puts it to 0.5%

Interest rate increase: What does it mean for you?

The Bank of England interest rate has increased for the first time in more than 10 years. The... Read More

Q3 2017 personal insolvency statistics show IVAs are up

IVAs at highest level on record: How you can get help with debt

Recent Q3 2017 personal insolvency statistics show that the number of people going insolvent has gone up. From... Read More

Man buying washing machine from BrightHouse

BrightHouse: What to do if you’re a customer

Rent-to-own store BrightHouse has announced that it will pay £14.8 million in compensation to some 249,000 customers. This... Read More


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